About Me

Hello there...

Please call me Jasper.

I have a full-time day job. Please only contact me between 5pm - 9pm. Please don’t send “Available now?” messages. Unless you are a current client, the likelihood is that I am not. Why? New clients need to establish their identity to ensure my health and safety. Consider that requirement your QR code, in the absence of a QR code. If I’ve not met you before, I also require a 25% deposit. Do I ever deviate from that principle of business? Yes. If you meet my ID request. You won’t get anywhere without either.

Now that business formalities are settled, I hope you’ve also read through to “Rates” and “Availability”. All are firm. Please read them well as our time is valuable, not to be wasted by impossible requests.

I’m your girlfriend! Wherever in Perth we meet, you will not be able to take your eyes off me. I am that beautiful, sensual, mature woman your eyes seek out in every room. I am 4th generation Australian, do not look typically “Aussie” and that’s just fine by me. I am articulate, warm and engaging. I’ll shower you with physical affection from the moment we meet. We will never fall shy of conversation! When your physical desire for me overwhelms you, don’t doubt that our conversation will change. Want to chat? Tell me. Want to get physical? Tell me.

If out in public, don’t be worried about public displays of affection, folk will view us as friends, business colleagues, new friends on our first date, comfortable lovers, or a committed couple, as you need or wish. You will enjoy the attention of onlookers but know I only have eyes for you. We present as a couple who is real, if that is a concern to you.

I am a very good listener and if you are a person who is curious about the real me, I am comfortable sharing my thoughts about matters that interest us. I’m a caring and affectionate woman, present in our moment. I am a sensual and sexual woman who eases into our time together fluidly.

I am a real woman, living my dream, which is to provide you with pleasure and, I hope, to feel genuine pleasure when you touch and kiss my body. When I orgasm, you will feel and hear it build before I explode. I am keen to understand your hopes and wishes. I find mutual orgasms, when they happen and we are connected in that moment, deeply satisfying.

I am unique, I am real and I am truly looking forward to meeting you.


Please, restrain from texting “are you available now?” Enquiries of that nature are disrespectful and will be ignored. My published available times are indicative only - my PRECISE availability in March and April is described below.

S 27th: 10pm - overnight
Su 28th: 3pm - 9pm
M 29th: 7pm - 9pm
T 30th: 7pm - 9pm
W 31st: 8pm - 9pm

Th 1st: 7pm - 9pm
F 9th: 7pm - overnight
S 10th: 12pm - overnight
Su 11th: 3pm - 9pm
M 12th: 7pm - 9pm
T 13th: 7pm - 9pm
W 14th: 8pm - 9pm
Th 15th: 7pm - 9pm
Sa 17th: 1pm - 3pm
S 24th: 3pm overnight
Su 25th: 3pm - 9pm
M 26th: 7pm - 9pm
T 27th: 7pm - 9pm
W 28th: 8pm - 9pm
Th 29th: 7pm - 9pm