Aubrey may



About Me

It's a pleasure to meet you, darling.

My name is Aubrey May. I'm a uniquely caring, free-spirited young woman. I have always enjoyed my work, and find fullfillment in each intimate encounter.

My aim as a companion is to provide a safe and comfortable space for like-minded individuals who seek sensual warmth and companionship.

On The Outside:

Short and sweet. A little curvy, natural beauty with a gorgeous smile.

Medium-length, mahogany hair with a cute fringe.

Big, brown, bedroom-eyes.

Soft, pale skin adorned with tattoos and a few delightful piercings.

Minimal make-up and a comfortable style.

On The Inside:

My sunny disposition and caring nature create a sense of familiarity and comfort.

I love to listen and get to know the individual - it is a pleasure and a privilege to hear the stories that show each person's uniqueness and spirit.

Although, it's not always so "deep and meaningful". I love to share a laugh. Pillow-talk banter is one of the best parts of getting intimate. My favourite connections are genuine, humorous and made by mutual delight.

Would you like to get together and start something special?

Send me an email at,

or text me on 0468 611 850.

* Email correspondence preferred

Pre-booking essential for incalls.

Important notes:

I ask that all communication is thoughtful and discreet. I do not answer messages that are rude, explicit or disrespectful.

The screening process is important as it helps maintain both our safety and privacy.

I'm happy to take special requests within reason. My regular clients can expect me to go above and beyond for them.

I maintain a high standard of cleanliness and personal hygiene, the same is expected of all those I meet. I limit myself to a maximum of two meetings per day to ensure these standards are maintained. This also means that cancellations have a large impact on me.

I require a 20% deposit for each booking, and rarely take last minute bookings.

Given the ongoing covid situation, I ask a couple of questions in regard to health, recent travel and any potential contact according to resources available from SAHealth. Your patience and honesty in this process is very much appreciated.

No natural services offered, please do not ask.